Lil Kim crew involved in alleged Robbery. The rapper will be questioned by LAPD

Wikimedia Commons
Lil Kim seems to have been involved in a hot new mess. The rapper will be interrogated by the LAPD after an alleged robbery by her crew which took place at a party house.

The 42 year old had booked a house in owned by a woman, ahead of the upcoming BET awards to host a special party with her peeps - but when the place didn't turn out to be what she expected, her crew went to the owner to demand the advance deposit and the money back.

When the property owner disputed the reimbursement of a sum totaling up to $20k, an argument took place between the owner and Kim's crew members and cops were called. 

However, when the police refused to interfere stating that it was a civil matter and they could do nothing about it, Lil' Kim's crew -- as per the allegations -- came back at around 4:00 A.M., carrying weapons and covering their faces with masks and took the total deposit check and cash.

There was also some damage done to a vehicle of the owner by slashing all of its tires, the law enforcement officials have stated.

The LAPD is now looping in Lil' Kim for further investigations.

This does not look good at all.


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