"No one remembers you in Dreamgirls, coz Beyonce's in it": James Corden burns Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson recently appeared at James Corden's The Late Late show, for his "rap-battle" segment 'Drop the mic.'

One of the recurring segments on Corden's show, like his infamous Carpool Karaoke, 'Drop the mic' - features Corden against one or more of his guests in a series of insults thrown at each other, through rap lyrics.

So as J Hud appeared to challenge Corden in the battle, the British comedian and host caused some serious burns as he started out with, “You remember J, she got famous in the States on American Idol for coming in seventh place,” further continuing, “You won an Oscar for Dreamgirls, I get it. No one remembers you in that film because BeyoncĂ©’s in it.”

Hudson tried to make a comeback with her part as she went, “I won an Oscar, a Grammy — hell, I won at life, I can sing, act, dance, but you still look like you’re tryin’, more fake than a vape and just as unsatisfying.”

Corden's massive shade was grade 'A' as he went ahead referring to her sting on 'Sex and the City', “the worst part of Sex and the City. The truth is I’m not a fan. I’m into Kelly Clarkson.”


Hudson then had to bring out her winning card, with her soaring belts and massive range, before spitting, “You could get a lot more done not chasing YouTube views. Man, I sing my own songs while you hangin’ with Bieber. Between me and you, I don’t know, who’s the biggest diva?"

J Hud eventually took the cake with her stellar chops, but comment section seems to be divided.

Check out the two battle it out on stage:

Who do you think had the upper edge?

J Hud or Corden?

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