Novelist claims Melania Trump is having an affair with Head of Security at Trump Tower

In a shocking set of claims, Monica Byrne - an American playwright and science-fiction author, blasted Donald and Melania Trump on Twitter stating that she has been having an affair with the head of security at Tiffany's in the Trump Tower - an affair she states has been going on for "many years."

Byrne claimed to have solid source behind her allegations, however refused to name them. She shared what she claimed to have 'heard' from the unnamed source, hoping journalists would pick it up to expose it further and that it would "accelerate Trump's rate of self-destruction."

The novelist seemed to be pretty confident about her allegations as she left for it to be further investigated by reporters.

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Her scandalous claims go further stating that Donald and Melania had an agreement that if Trump was to lose the presidential elections, the two will part ways. But since he went on to win the elections, they had to renegotiate their agreement, imprisoning Melania in the marriage for as long as Trump remains the president.

Read her explosive claims in a series of Tweets below:

Byrne did not just stop there as she went ahead and called out The Trump's directly with her claims:


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