"They wanted money": TLC slams Left-Eye's family for her absence from their latest album

As fans celebrate TLC's return to music with their fifth and perhaps, last studio album - the group explains the absence of Left-Eye from the record.

TLC who's been on a hiatus, since the untimely and tragic passing of their group-mate - Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopez back in 2002, is now survived with the remaining two members - T-Boz and Chilli who have come out with a promising and highly anticipated new record.

But as fans and critics notice the absence of their beloved group mate from the album, Rozanda 'Chilli' Thomas and Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins put the blame on the late rapper's family.

In an interview which appeared on a Billboard article, the duo stated, “The family, they held onto the other stuff. I guess maybe they wanted money or something. I don’t think she’d be happy that people are trying to hold her vocals hostage.”

Watkins and Thomas here imply, that Left-Eye has some unreleased music lying in the vaults, that won't see the light of the day until the family's conditions are met.

Nevertheless, TLC's latest effort is being lauded by their fans with their recently released singles 'Way Back' and 'Haters' giving you a hint of nostalgia of the time, when the trio was rocking the charts some 20 years ago.

'TLC' is stated for a release on June 30th.


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