This teen made the audience cry with her tribute to her cancer-stricken father

America's Got Talent has had some mind-blowing moments so far on its latest season. Previously, 9 year old Celine Tam blew everyone away with her jaw-dropping performance of 'My Heart Will Go On' and before that 29 year old Mandy Harvey, who has a hearing impairment, stunned everyone with her ability to keep with the beat as she sang a touching ballad, written by herself.

The latest in-line to take the audience by storm is a performance by 14 year old Evie Clair who sang a beautiful and moving version of Christina Perri's 2011 track - "Arms" on the show.

The impact of Clair's performance became more powerful from her story behind it, as before proceeding, the teenager shared her father's struggle with stage IV cancer and how the song helped them get through the tough times.

The episode aired last week on Tuesday, in which the Arizona native appeared with her family sharing that she sang the Christina Perri song to her father during his times of need.

A moved audience applauded as judges gave her  a standing ovation for her heartfelt and emotional performance.

Watch the beautiful performance from the show below:


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