"You are the fakest Bi*ch I know": Toya Wright responds to Tamar Braxton's "Paperback Toya" shade

Tamar Braxton recently took to Instagram to apologize for the rift caused in her friendship with Tiny Harris. But in doing so, Braxton threw some major shade at Toya Wright, which did not go down well with her.

The feud between Tamar and Tiny started when the former was thrown out of The Real and Monica was brought-in as a replacement. Tiny later congratulated Monica on her guest appearance the following season, which reportedly irked Tamar who unfollowed Tiny on social media after that and basically cut-off from her. The same happened when Toya appeared on the show a month later.

However, later in November last year, Tamar denied the claims in response to a fan's comment on her Instagram post, but she did confirm her feud citing "some other" reasons for unfollowing her old friend.

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Tamar finally thought to reconcile her differences with Tiny and wrote a super-shady post on Instagram, referring to Wright as "Paperback Toya" and accusing her of igniting rifts between the two friends.

Ya know I’ve been thinking although I don’t feel like social media is the best place to work out personal issues…sometimes it can be the most effective way to get your love ones attention. I love you guys and Tiny, you…since I was 19 years old. I would have never dreamed that NONE of us would be in this position. Against public perceptions we know it’s NOT because of that show or lies that paperback Toya has said or anyone else who has had something to say about the disagreement you and I have had… because it’s simply OUR personal disagreement. I love you and all my God babies (all the kids) with all of my heart and you know this. I also love your husband @troubleman31 because he is my family also. How about we ALL sit down and talk and declare our new Love and mutual respect for each other and I’ll pay for and sing at your new vowel renewal ceremony. Life is too short and I’m ok with ignoring single, miserable hateful friends who WANT to see you and I at odds and instigating feuds with you and your husband. How about we all come together let it all go and bring you two who were the closest to me and two people who share so much love TOGETHER lean on each other to bring things back together again. who said it will be easy but Love and forgiveness is easier than being mad and full of hate. So with that all being said @majorgirl I’m sorry for my part in the hurt and want to have my best friend AND her family Including all of our kids and TIP all back together again…

As expected, Toya was having none of that and lashed out at Tamar and in doing so promoted her upcoming book.

Paperback Toya?? Really Bi*ch??! What does your non-sincere apology and fake ass public outreach have to do with me?? You are THE fakest bi*ch I know. You wrote all of that pathetic, attention seeking bullshit but you conveniently forgot to tell them why ur REALLY mad?? Speak up l…tell em why you and your so-called best friend of 19 years fell out. Why didn’t you tell them how petty you really are? What type of bi*ch gets mad because a friend posts a birthday message about another friend?? I have your answer tho  — the same petty ass b*tch that got mad At EVERYONE who went on the real talk show that she was FIRED from. I’m sick of you popping off on everybody and then playing victim with yo over the top under the table ass. You talk shit about your own sisters! U a disrespectful, disloyal, jealous attention fiend. Your desire to be front and center and have all the attention even spilled over into to the church! People trying hear the Lord’s word and you want the people to watch u work! Fake ass praise! F*ck You all days and all ways Tamar!Love always,Paperback Toya . My new book will be dropping in July! #ihavetimetoday #iapologizetomyfollowers #shekeepplayingwithme #sometimethenolahavetocomeout

That "Paperback Toya" shade by Tamar was really uncalled for and had fans "choked-up" - so much so that #PaperbackToya became one of the top trends on Twitter:

Did Tamar read Toya right? Thoughts?

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