Friends or Lovers? Celine Dion pictured with Spanish Hottie sparks rumors of new love affair

Wikimedia Commons
Is Celine Dion seeing her dancer Pepe Munoz?

The legendary Canadian songstress was spotted laughing and holding hands with Munoz as the two strutted across the streets in Paris.

Munoz, is one of the dancers on Dion's European tour - who first came to light after performing a sensational and sultry dance-duet with the singer, on "Le Ballet" during her 'comeback' performance in France.

Dion's chemistry with the 32 year old Spanish hottie, has been evident every single time the two have made a public appearance together.

But is there really anything to it?

While many of the 49 year old singer's fans believe, there is. Others insist, they're just "good friends."

Earlier this year, the 'My Heart Will Go On' singer admitted that it would be too soon for her to date as of now, following the demise of her husband of 22 years 'Rene' after a long battle with cancer. "That is definitely too soon for me," Dion said. "I am definitely in love with him, married to him, he's the love of my life. It's very difficult for me to see myself with another person. When I sing, it's with him, when I hug my kids it's for him, and it's with him."

Celine Dion and Rene pictured in 2012. (Picture source: Wikimedia Commons)
Friends or Lovers - we love the sight of Celine getting her much-deserved break and making the most of it.

You do you, miss Dion.


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