Kesha references her sexual assault in powerful new anthem from her album

Kesha is moving on from her tumultuous past.

After being embroiled in a painful legal battle accusing producer Dr Dre of "years of sexual assault", the singer-songwriter has made a come back post a 5 year hiatus from the music scene.

Despite addressing most of these demons in her album, Kesha is trying to stay positive per the message on the latest single, 'Learn To Let Go.'

Co-written by Kesha herself, the singer gives a brief metaphor to what sounds like her episode with Dr. Dre, while addressing him as a "boogieman."

“a boogieman under my bed
Putting crazy thoughts inside my head
Always whispering, ‘It’s all your fault’
He was telling me, ‘No, you’re not that strong.'”

On an article with The Huffington Post, the "Tik Tok" singer spoke of what the song means to her. “As much as our past creates who we are, we can’t let it define us or hold us back," Kesha told Huffpost. "And especially if you’ve been through something hard, and we all have, you can’t hold on to resentment because it’s like a poison. You have to learn to let go of those bad feelings and move forward.”

Watch the music video for 'Learn To Let Go' below:


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