Lady Gaga surprises students as 'new substitute teacher': Leads campaign to support basic education amenities

Lady Gaga surprised some very lucky school students when she showed up as their substitute teacher for a day, to promote an educational campaign.

The 31 year old singer-songwriter, made a surprise-appearance for a group of school students as part of a PSA for the Staples for Students campaign.

When the frenzied students asked her if it was really her, she responded saying, "Yes, It is me."

The agenda of the PSA was to draw attention to the cause of providing students and teachers with the basic amenities and supplies to assist and better their education.

In an effort, co-funded and co-organized by Gaga's 'Born This Way' foundation, Gaga asked the students to draw an image of what they imagine their future to be like.

Watch the inspiring video of the PSA below:


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