Mariah Carey's BIZARRE appearance on Jamie Foxx show will have you scratching your head

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Pop Queen Mariah Carey made the most pointless appearance on a television game show, leaving several questions unanswered in everyone's heads.

The 47 year old songstress, made a surprise visit on Jamie Foxx's game-show 'Beat Shazam' and it was awkward to say the least.

Hosted by Academy award winner Jamie Foxx, the show, which is currently on its first season, revolves around contestants guessing the right song based on a hint or a melody before Shazam does it for them.

So when Foxx played out a hint of Mimi's 90's classic 'Always Be My Baby', the superstar emerged on the show's stage, leaving everyone in the studio - including the contestants in an absolutely stunned state.

So as everyone went Gaga over how awesome Carey is and how her music has influenced them all, one thing that made no sense at all during her brief stint was - why was she there in the first place?

As Mimi smiled while everyone spoke highly of her and barely uttered a word, she sat in front of a piano which also had a microphone attached to it - leading everyone to believe that she might just perform a little something for them - which actually never happened.

Instead, all that happened was - she came, said her Hellos, sat in front of the piano and smiled as everyone praised her, stood up and waived her goodbye's and went back again.

The clip would literally make you wonder if there was actually a performance in-between that did not make the cut.

So, what happened? Was she actually supposed to perform, but faced "technical difficulties"?

Why would she make a pointless appearance to the show without any reason.

Watch the video of her "surprise-visit" on the show below:


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