Mel B. to pay $40,000 a month in spousal support to Stephen Belafonte

Following a bitter separation with husband Stephen Belafonte, Mel B. may have to make her pockets a bit lighter, as the former 'Spice Girl' will have to pay a monthly remuneration of $40,000 to Belafonte as ordered by a judge during the ongoing legal proceedings of their divorce.

The financial support was requested by Belafonte himself, as an "emergency spousal support" to take care of his basic requirements like food, housing and clothes, until the divorce proceedings come to an end.

Additional to the monthly support, Mel B. has also been ordered to pay a hefty sum of $140,000 for all the legal expenses and fees of her ex-husband, relating to the divorce process.

Mel B. had previously dished Stephen's demands for the spousal support, stating that he needs to find himself a regular job, but it appears she'll have to pay for him after all - at least temporarily.

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In a scandalous revelation, it was previously confessed by the British pop star that the couple was involved in a perpetual sexual relationship with their Nanny. 

Mel B claimed that she along with Belafonte had several threesomes with their Nanny, but she later backed-out of it when she found out that her husband and their Nanny, Lorraine Gilles were involved in sexual acts separately with each other, without her knowledge, which is when as per her 'it crossed the line'

The whole thing has been a 'loss-loss' situation for the X-factor judge.


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