POLL: From Smooth Operator to Soldier Of Love: Vote for the best song by Sade

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Sade Adu AKA simply Sade, is one of the most beautiful voices of RnB and Soul. The Nigerian-born British songstress ventured into the music scene with a four-member group which went by her name, releasing their debut, 'Diamond Life' back in 1984.

Serving as the solo vocalist for the band, Sade released several multi-platinum albums through the 80's and the 90's. Her debut album became the best selling debut by a British female vocalist, with her second album 'Promise' - released in 1985, also topping both the UK and US Albums charts.

With other albums like 'Absolute Beginners (1986)', 'Stronger Than Pride (1988)', 'Love Deluxe (1992)' and more - Sade has sold over 50 million records worldwide.

Her velvety smooth voice, filled with soul and passion has established her as one of the greatest RnB/Soul voices of an era. Sade was also listed among the '100 Greatest Artists of All Time' by Vh1 while also being featured among the '100 Greatest Women in Music.'

The Grammy award winning songstress has had several classics to her name, that have stood the test of time and are still adored by music lovers worldwide. From, 'Smooth Operator' to 'Is It a Crime' to 'By Your Side' - Sade has classics in abundance.

But if you had to PICK one song that is the absolute BEST out of all her classics, which one would it be?

Let's do a POLL to find out.

Cast your vote below:

Vote for the best song by Sade

Smooth Operator
Is It A Crime
Ordinary Love
By Your Side
Soldier Of Love
The Sweetest Taboo
Cherish The Day
Your Love Is King
Kiss Of Life
Nothing Can Come Between Us
Hang On To Your Love
King Of Sorrow
Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Still In Love With You
Somebody Already Broke My Heart
Never As Good As The First Time
Feel No Pain
The Moon And The Sky
Love Is Found
Why Can't We Live Together
Haunt Me
Love Affair With Life
When Am I Going To Make A Living
You're Not The Man
Clean Heart
Every Word
Morning Bird
Lovers Rock
War of the Hearts
Like A Tattoo
Please Send Me Someone To Love
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