Poll: Janet, Madonna, Beyonce or Ciara? Who's the best dancer of them all. Vote here.

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If Michael Jackson is the greatest dancer among males, who would be best dancer among females? - Does that question ever pop in your head?

While Janet and Madonna have paved the way for many by producing some of the greatest dance-anthems of our lives, the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga have been able to establish a niche for themselves, offering the complete package to their audiences.

Topped with their chart-smashing hits, these divas can entertain crowds of tens-of-thousands with their impeccable dancing skills.

But if you had to pick ONE that can be termed 'THE' best female dancer of all time from popular music, who would it be? Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul - with their intense stiffly-choreographed break-dancing skills, or Beyonce and Shakira with their sensual feminine hip-swinging moves?

It's time for you to choose your favorite.

Vote below:

Who's the all-time best dancer among female Popstars?

Janet Jackson
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Lady Gaga
Paula Abdul
Jennifer Lopez
Nicole Scherzinger
Tina Turner
Missy Elliott

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