Poll: Michael Jackson, James Brown or Elvis? Who's the best male-dancer of all time. Vote here.

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We previously did a vastly successful poll to find out the most loved female dancer in Pop music - and hundreds of fans participated to bring Pop Queen Janet Jackson at the top, in the perpetual showdown which is still up for voting.

Now let us find out who wins the public opinion on the 'Best Male Dancer of all Time' in the ultimate showdown of them all.

Featuring some of the most iconic movers and shakers in music - some of these Pop, Rock and Soul music legends have made a remarkable mark in popular culture with their signature moves. From Michael Jackson's 'moonwalk' to the feisty and funky leg-trembling and mind-boggling moves of the Godfather of Soul, the late and great James Brown.

The poll also features some of the best dancers from the present era - which includes names like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo and Chris Brown.

But out of all of these, if you had to pick ONE as the ultimate male dancer in popular music - who would it be?

Let us count all the picks and find out.

Vote below:

Who's the all-time best dancer among male pop stars?

Michael Jackson
James Brown
Sammy Davis Jr
Elvis Presley
Chris Brown
Justin Timberlake
Bruno Mars
Jason Derulo
Ricky Martin
Mick Jagger
Bobby Brown
Justin Bieber
MC Hammer

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