R.Kelly involved in sex scandal for keeping 6 women hostage against their will.

R.Kelly - who's previously been involved in several controversies (including the infamous 'peeing' incident), has been involved in a nightmare-ish scandal this time.

According to latest claims, the RnB singer has been accused of keeping young women hostage against their own will in the singer's rented houses in Atlanta, inside which they're asked to perform various sexual practices with Kelly.

Originally reported and investigated by Buzzfeed, the allegations are described as a "sexual cult", in which former members of his inner-circle have disclosed details about what goes-in on his rented properties near Atlanta.

The claims by close sources state that Kelly "recruited" 6 women to reside on his properties - after which he was to be in-charge and in-control of everything they do in their lives, which includes things like - what they eat, what they wear, when they sleep and the manners in which they are to engage with him, sexually.

The female inmates are referred as 'babies' while they are to call him 'daddy.' Additionally, a failure to fulfill the rules, regulations and demands set by Kelly may lead to physical or verbal "punishments."

The entire so-called "cult" has come into light with revelations by former members and also a formal complaint filed by the mother of one of the girls, who was recruited by Kelly and now lives in the property with him, as her mother alleges, "against her own will". However, when the police did approach the 19 year old girl in question, she told them that she was fine and did not wish to be disturbed.

Another disturbing claim states that the captive women are trained by a 31 year old female who is referred to as the "den-mother" - who basically instructs them on how to sexually please the singer.

The inmates have little-to-no exposure of the outside world, with an imposed control on the usage of mobile phones and social media.

The claims also state, that the singer would often film his sexual encounters with the women and show the video clippings to other members of his 'circle.'

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This is going to be a major blow for Kelly who back in 2008 was involved in another sexual scandal for allegedly having a sexual intercourse with a 14 year old.

You can read the complete account of all allegations on the original post by Buzzfeed here.


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