"She does know me": Brandy speaks on Mariah and her SHADE at JLo on 'The Talk'

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Brandy served us the greatest tea this past week, when threw a mild but stingy shade at J Lo, while praising one of her musical inspirations - Mariah Carey.

The RnB singer took to Instagram to give us a throwback with an old photo of herself with Carey, and captioned it with #SheKnowMe - which quickly sparked rage among some J Lo fans who alleged her of throwing shade at the 'Dance Again' hitmaker.

Brandy's commentary looked like a reference to Carey's classic "I Don't Know Her" comment on Lopez, following their much-talked about rivalry back in the day. 

Although, Brandy did clarify her stance after the post went viral - but it seems the clarification wasn't enough, as the singer discussed the topic again during her latest appearance on CBS's The Talk.

Dismissing claims of any shade, Brandy cleared the air stating that she loves and admires both women and her hashtag "#SheKnowsMe" really did mean just that, and nothing else.

“Everybody knows that Mariah always says who she does not know… but the picture proves that she knows me," Brandy said. "I posted it and then everybody thought that I was trying to throw shade at Jennifer Lopez, which I would never do because I love Jennifer Lopez. But Mariah doesn’t know her.”

Watch Brandy's take on the issue below:


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