This song has broken Gangnam Style's record of the "Most viewed video on YouTube"

Back in 2012, PSY became such a viral sensation across the globe with their infectiously catchy track and video for 'Gangnam Style' - the upload went on to do the unthinkable, by not only becoming the first video in YouTube history to surpass the 1 billion mark in total views, but also crossing the upper limit programmed by the website, forcing its developers to reprogram its thresholds.

After maintaining its position as 'The Most Watched video on YouTube' for over 4 years, the PSY global-megahit has finally slid down to #2 - making way for another record breaker.

The video to surpass the current record of 2.8 billion by PSY, is the official Music Video to Wiz Khalifa's Charlie Puth-led chart-smasher, 'See You Again' - which now has over 2.9 billion views.

Released from the official soundtrack for 'Fast & the Furious 7', as a tribute to the late lead-star of the franchise, Paul Walker - who tragically died in a car crash, the song has gained massive popularity worldwide since the time of its release.

But unlike, 'Gangnam Style', the Khalifa and Puth jam might not last that long at the top spot, as Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's Spanish duet 'Despacito' reaches after it at a considerably faster rate. Released only a couple of months ago, the song is already the fifth most watched video on YouTube with over 2.5 billion views.

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