Whitney Houston Hologram: Producers file lawsuit against her estate to revive the deal

Houston performing in 2010 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Whitney Houston's estate had previously announced the plans to create a virtual imagery of the late Pop legend through Hologram USA. The project, however, went down the drain - with a failed attempt to create a virtual replica of the superstar - which was set to debut on national television with NBC's The Voice last year.

The leaked video of the hologram appeared so far from reality that it was widely criticized by fans, before the show could even telecast. The estate later had to issue a formal statement saying that "they weren't ready yet", with a promise to comeback with a better look and sound. But the project was not heard about since then.

The Hologram company is now taking the estate to court in an attempt to revive the project. In a lawsuit filed this Monday, Hologram USA states that it was a 'breach of contract' on part of Houston's estate, to pull the plug on the project - despite several attempts made by the company to revive the deal.

The lawsuit further states that the estate had previously issued a letter accusing Hologram USA of breaching the contract by failing to deliver a lifelike image of Houston, as was promised during the deal. Though many fans would agree with the estate's claim, the company's opinions on the subject differs.

The lawsuit is now seeking to persuade a judge for a declaration stating that the estate was wrong in withholding the approval in finalizing the production of the Hologram.

The question here is - if they succeed in getting a declaration, would the Hologram be similar to the disaster we witnessed in the leaked footage last year?

What are your thoughts?

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