All of Usher's accusers are 'Plus-sized and heavy', claims attorney Lisa Bloom

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Attorney Lisa Bloom, has layed claims to a possible fetish, singer Usher might have as per her allegations.

In a lengthy interview with Billboard, Bloom discussed various aspects of the lawsuit - including the online fat-shamers - who have disregarded accuser, Quantasia Sharpton's claims - because she's on the heavier side. Moreover, close sources to Usher, also dismissed Sharpton's allegations stating that "she's not his type."

Speaking on the subject, Bloom revealed more about the pattern, or rather the appearance of the singer's other accusers. "I will say that all of the women who have called me have been big women, have been heavy set, plus-sized women," Bloom told Billboard. "I think the easiest thing for us to win in this case is that Usher enjoys big women."

Lisa further stated, "I also find it interesting that he’s choosing to have people make these statements for him and he still hasn’t denied the herpes allegations, which is really the core of the case. So he’s choosing to fat-shame Quantasia, who was one of his fans. Many of his fans look like her. I don’t think that’s appropriate."

Speaking on the subject of how Sharpton has been dealing with the after-effects of coming out publicly with her allegations, Bloom stated that the online bullying and comments have been hard on her.

"It’s been very hard on her. It’s been hard to see her social media posts being taken out of context to try to humiliate her for not having money, for being a plus-sized woman."

According to Lisa, the main purpose of her lawsuit is "Justice and accountability." - and she's determined to fight it through.

Do you believe these allegations?

You can read Billboard's complete interview with Bloom here.

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