"Does he have a gun?" Britney Spears screams as man climbs on stage during a performance

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Britney Spears was visibly shocked and stunned as a crazed-up fan climbed upon the stage during her live performance.

The 'Toxic' singer was performing live in Vegas as part of her 'Piece Of Me' show, when an overtly excited and mischievous man attempted to get close to her spot on stage while the Popstar's bodyguards scuffled to make him stop.

Things actually looked scary as the man tried to fight the bodyguards, eventually hurting one of them by either a blow or a kick - some of Spears' buffed-up dancers had to help the guards in putting the man down to the ground.

"Does he have a gun?," a weary and much too overwhelmed Spears asked one of her guards - a question that now seems plausible when you think about the tragic shooting at singer Christina Grimmie's concert in 2016, that ended her life.

Watch the creepy incident below:

What kind of additional measures do you think can be taken to ensure the safety of everyone at these concerts, including the performing artists?

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