Herpes Lawsuit claims Usher had oral sex with a man and unprotected intercourse with a woman

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Further details on the lawsuit against Usher have been revealed in which 3 plaintiffs pressing charges against Usher for exposing them to the Herpes virus.

According details revealed by TMZ, the lawsuit states that Usher had oral sex with a man and vaginal sex with atleast one of the two women who, as per the lawsuit, have claimed that the singer failed to disclose that he had genital herpes.

Interestingly, the lawsuit is merely based on the recent reports of Usher making an out-of-court settlement with an unknown woman, after allegedly infecting her with the virus after an unprotected sexual encounter.

So, Usher is not even tested for the virus himself yet... at least not publicly.

The suit only claims that the 3 individuals were "exposed" to the virus, following which they have dealt with severe depression, embarrassment, emotional distress and anxiety - although only one of them have been known to be tested positive for the virus yet.

Lisa Bloom - the attorney who's representing the plaintiffs in their lawsuit, states that their primary agenda is for Usher to reveal whether he has the virus in the first place or not.

One of the main plaintiffs - Quantasia Sharpton, recently stepped out in the public light, claiming she had sex with Usher after he picked her out of the crowd during one of his concerts.

You can hear the complete allegation by Sharpton, on her press conference here.

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