"I won't be a copycat of J Lo": Lady Gaga's explosive texts with producer get exposed

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Lady Gaga has been caught in a scandal related to plagiarism and false credits.

It all started back in 2011, when singer-songwriter Rebecca Francescatti sued the Grammy winning singer with allegations that her song 'Judas' was ripped-off from Francescatti's 1999 song, 'Juda.'

Although the judge ruled in favor of Gaga, DailyMail has got its hands on what are claimed to be private texts between Gaga and record-producer RedOne.

In the scandalous text messages, Gaga is demanding to receive writing and composing credits on Jennifer Lopez's 'Invading My Mind', in an attempt to erase the possibilities of being targeted for copying 'Judas' from the J Lo song - because of the similarities between the two.

Producer RedOne, who was also working with J Lo at that time, agreed to Gaga's texts and shortly after gave her the credit on the song, with a public declaration on Twitter.

Read the excerpts from some of the text messages between Gaga and RedOne:

March 17, 2011
Lady Gaga:
'We need to update Judas beat..it sounds to (sic) much like Jlo "invading"…[RedOne]!!! 
'U have to change the track for her..even the FORMAT is the same 
'And its on perezhilton.com as a leak
'And peeople (sic) will say I stole from jlo!

'I love judas SO MUCH but I canʹt look like a copycat of JLO!!!! 

March 18, 2011
Lady Gaga:
'Is the Jlo song being changed? 
'I am very concerned about this JLo thing 'I'm afraid you and I are gonna look bad 'What if people say Iʹm unoriginal because of this? 
'I am so afraid
'I played it for a few more people
'They were worried.

Showing her concern over the similarities between the two tracks, Gaga then went on to suggest RedOne that if he gives her credit on the J Lo song, she might avoid being termed 'unoriginal' by simply stating she co-wrote and co-composed both songs.

'Maybe if u gave me credit on both songs it would avoid comparison? 
'. . .Iʹm very concerned I will get accused of being unoriginal 
'But if u credit me on both records ..oneee for production, one for writing it 
'will certainly help w the comparisons 

RedOne: 'Embrace!!!! It ONLY will make you look credible and masssssive!!!! 
'Trust me

Gaga:'IF and only IF u give me production credit on "invading my mind", [I'll] 
'give [her Hypnotico] record'Because this was if anyone notices similarities, I can say "I worked on that
record w [RedOne]"

Red One: 'OF COURSE!

Gaga:'Ok'I donʹt think I will do, duet, but I will give her the record if u SWEAR to 'give me the deserved credit on invading..

Red One:'I swear !!!!!

The revelation made by DailyMail, might lead the popstar red-faced, as Francescatti previously stated that the purpose for her to expose the messages to the court was to prove that Gaga was someone who could steal other people's work or put her name on it.

Would Gaga respond to the allegations?

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