"Ignorant ass fools": Pink lashes out against White Supremacists holding Charlottesville rally

Pink did not mince any words while calling out the racist elements at Charlottesville's "White Supremacist" rally.

The 37 year old pop star took to Instagram to call-out the violent outbreak at the Virginia rally that has taken the nation by storm.

"I would like to speak out against these ignorant ass fools marching in Charlottesville. Believe it or not, they do not represent the majority of "white people," Pink wrote. "Most of "us" white folk (I'll say it again, I subscribe to the human race and we're all pink on the inside) are embarrassed of these small dic*ed privileged spoiled ass losers."

The city of Charlottesville was taken over by a shocking violent outbreak between white-pride marchers and counter-protesters on Saturday. The march led by members of the Ku Klux Klan, alternative rights leaders and white nationalists, saw them hurling racist slogans like, 'You will not replace us,' 'Jews will not replace us' and Nazi slogans like - 'blood and soil.'

The 'Just Give Me A Reason' songstress posted a picture of count-protesters from the rally who stood against the white supremacists representing 'the students of Virginia' through their posters.

"Like these good people in this picture. Most people are good people, there are small groups of every sort that make it ugly for the rest of us. I apologize on behalf of these idiots," said the outspoken singer. "Maybe mommy and daddy should cut off their allowances."


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