Justin Bieber approaches a gym beauty with a DM, gets rejected on Twitter

Wikimedia Commons/Twitter/jessicagober
Most of the times you hear about regular folks crushing over their favorite celebs, but what if one of the biggest celebs in the world tries to approach you after an instant crush at first site?

This happened, when Justin Bieber stumbled upon a short video of a gym-enthusiast beauty promoting a fitness drink on Instagram.

The 23 year old singer, was apparently so floored by the girl in the clip, that he sent a direct message to the fitness page, in an attempt to know more about her.

The pretty lady named Jessica Gober, later revealed the texts on her Twitter handle expressing how stunned she was with it.

"Did this actually just happen," Gober tweeted. "Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was"

So, did she actually approach him back?
Surprisingly, not.

Gober just resorted to replying back on her Twitter account, simply stating that she already has a boyfriend and that "he's all that she needs."

Welp! Good on you Jessica!

And better luck next time, Justin.

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