RuPaul says, "Racism has nothing to do with race", gets roasted on Twitter

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Drag race star RuPaul took to Twitter to explain his stance on the concept of racism.

The 56 year old TV personality has outraged several of his followers with a tweet stating, that racism has little to do with race and more to do with personal prides.

RuPaul made the Tweet in light of the recent Charlottesville riots, which involved a violent clash between white nationalists and their counter protesters, resulting into the tragic death of a civil rights protester, Heather Heyer.

"Racism has nothing to do with race," RuPaul tweeted. "It is the ego’s way of making you feel ‘better than.’"

Apparently, the perception was too hard to swallow for people, as Twitteratis let the TV star have it.

Check out some of the responses on Twitter below:

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