"She's performing to sold-out crowds," Mariah Carey's manager responds to criticism from former choreographer

Wikimedia Commons
After Mariah Carey's former creative director and choreographer, Anthony Burrell, came forward with some mild criticism and piece of advice for the record-shattering songstress in relation to what he called her "lackluster" live performances, Mimi's manager Stella Bullochnikov has retaliated clearing that the he can continue to stay pressed, but they're not being bothered by it.

Speaking with TooFab earlier this week, Stella asked people to come and witness Mimi and her performances themselves instead of going by the word of a bitter fired employee. "Why don’t you come watch MC perform to sold out crowds three times a week for yourself," Bullochnikov told TooFab, "..instead of giving a former disgruntled employee’s bitter comments life."

Burrell irked a lot of Mimi fans last week when he claimed Mariah simply "does not give any f*ck" when she doesn't want to do something. 

"She’s performing with lackluster and no f*cks given," he said "and it’s taking away her star.”​

Burrell was reportedly fired following Mariah's disastrous fail on Live television, when her playback didn't start as expected, after she stepped on stage to perform her 90's classic, 'Emotions' at Dick Clark's New Year Eve celebration.

Mariah is currently on a joint tour with Lionel Richie which will see her stop-by at 22 cities in North America - so people will have enough opportunities to come and watch her perform for themselves.


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