The Nutty Professor, iconic actor Jerry Lewis has died at age 91

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Jerry Lewis, known for his unparalleled genius of comedy has died.

The iconic screen legend of the golden era of Hollywood, passed away on Sunday at the age of 91.

Illusionist and comedian, Penn Jillette announced on his Tweet, "Jerry Lewis just died. When I met him, I feel apart, just sobbed. I guess it's time for that again."

Known for his slapstick humor in film and television, Lewis ruled show biz in the 1950's along with Dean Martin as the two appeared as a comic duo, 'Martin and Lewis.'

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Considered as one of the greatest comedians in history, Lewis also appeared on several iconic big screen projects - most prominent of which were - 'The Nutty Professor' (1963), 'The Bellboy' (1960) and 'Boeing Boeing' (1965), to name a few of the 50+ movies he starred in.

Lewis was also known for his great philanthropic work which including his several fundraising efforts for muscular dystrophy.

The screen legend was honored with several lifetime achievement awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Venice Film Festival and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

He has also been honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Lewis who died of natural causes at his home in Vegas, would be remembered as one of the greatest geniuses of comedy and one of the brightest stars of Golden Age Hollywood.


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