This Twitter user perfectly sums up the essence of Charlotteville's 'White Pride' rally

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Twitter
As the shocking and tragic scene from the Charlotteville, Virginia march unfolded, with violent clashes between white supremacist and their counter protesters - several spectators shook their heads in shame and sadness.

The initial march was led by members of the Ku Klux Klan, alternative rights leaders and white nationalists, as it saw them hurling racist slogans like, 'You will not replace us,' 'Jews will not replace us' and Nazi slogans like - 'blood and soil.'

The violent clash resulted into the death of one of the counter-protesters while several others were injured from both sides.

As everyone tried to make some sense out of all that was going on the streets of Virginia, one Twitter user perfectly summed up the very essence of such rallies and how ironical it is for the most privileged section of the society to claim to be oppressed by the rest.

In a series of tweets, Julius Goat - gave us the most profound insight into what can be made out of such violent protests.

Read the sequential tweets below:


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