Tom Cruise badly injured while filming stunt for Mission Impossible: 6

Tom Cruise recently injured himself while filming a super-hard sequence for the upcoming Mission Impossible sequel.

The 55 year old mega star, was supposed to take a massive jump between two buildings with the help of a rope tied on his back, but ended up hitting the edge of the tower he was supposed to land on.

In the viral video, Cruise is seen missing the mark only by a few inches and severely hitting his legs against the wall. The actor then crawls back to the top and walks with a limb as the crew members come to help him out.

It is commendable that Cruise does all his stunts on his own, without using a body-double, but that doesn't keep him safe from the possible injuries.

The strike in the video looks so intense, that it is also being questioned now if the shooting will be put to a halt for a while.

Watch the incident captured on tape below:


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