Twitter roasts Taylor Swift for "Copying" Beyonce on her 'Formation-like' new video

As Swifties are rejoicing the return of their Pop princess with her brand new album, the star also dropped a short teaser of her upcoming video for 'Look What You' Made Me Do.'

Although the 21 second clip is a much darker and edgier version of Taylor Swift that you may never have seen before - people couldn't help but point out the resemblance of the entire theme with Beyonce's Lemonade (read Formation).

As more similarities were drawn between the pop star's latest offering and Bee's critically acclaimed visual treat from 2016 - the Beehive unleashed their savagery in a hilarious series of Tweets, slamming the 'Love Story' singer for imitating Bee's Grammy nominated effort.

Check out some of the most ridiculously funny Tweets that took over the internet:

Check out the teaser of Swift's latest visual below:

Do you see any similarities yourself?

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