Watch: Maxine Waters jams to a gospel remix of "Reclaiming My Time" on The View

Representative Maxine Waters recently made an appearance on The View and discussed her infamous 'Reclaiming My Time' viral clip, which has now been turned into a viral internet meme.

Waters was so floored by the fact that "Millennials" - as she called the younger generation of people, were able to make a connection with her that she could hardly believe it.

Following several other sassy moments from her public speeches in the recent past, Waters sent the internet a frenzy during a Financial Services Committee Hearing last week, when secretary Steve Mnuchin constantly dodged Waters' questions and the Californian democrat cut him off in the midst by constantly repeating, "Reclaiming my time."

As 'Aunty Maxine' was turned into a meme with some of the most hilarious responses, one Twitter user posted a video of him singing a gospel song inspired from Water's viral phrase.

Later during Waters' appearance on The View, she was surprised by the same singer Mykal Kilgore, who joined the ladies on-panel for a gospel-infused rousing version of 'Reclaiming My Time' as miss Waters jammed along with him.

Watch the "lit" segment below:


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