"We're together when it counts": Mariah Carey speaks on getting back with Nick Cannon

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Mariah Carey was caught off-guard during an Entertainment Tonight segment when the diva candidly spoke on her relationship with former husband Nick Cannon.

Mariah, who's mother to two beautiful babies with Cannon, was asked by ET's Kevin Frazier, about why won't she get back together with the rapper and comedian. Carey simply counted on the times she and Cannon have gotten together for spending time with their kids. 

"We're together when it counts," the 47 year old songstress said. "We're together for the kids. And I think that's the most important thing."

Nick Cannon wasn't behind with some positive praise for his former love either. "I love her. I adore her," Cannon told ET. "That's always going to be my dream girl."

"We both love kids and we're co-parenting because that's the only way to do it,” Mariah further added.

Are there still chances for them to rekindle their old romance?

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