Cartoon Network adds new 'African-American' supergirl to the 'Powerpuff Girls' team

Powerpuff Girls was an inseparable part of kids who grew up in the 90's - along with some other classic originals by Cartoon Network. 

Although, we have come to recognize the show for it's three cute protagonists - Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles, the network has brought a major change to lineage and added another member to the super-girl team in an attempt to diversify the show.

The Powerpuff Girls - will now feature an African American co-lead character, named - Toya - who's going to assist her sisters fight evil forces in good-old Townsville. 

Senior Vice President at Turner Broadcasting, Jamie Ondarza spoke on how Toya was the perfect choice as the newest addition to the iconic trio:

Toya is definitely a perfect fit as the fourth Powerpuff Girl.  She is confident, bubbly and quirky, all the values that we are familiar with, love and appreciate. We have a lot of surprises up our sleeves.

The show is coming with a brand new season on September 17th, under the name, "Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four."


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