Crazed Madonna fan demands $3 million for being "roughed-up" for camping outside her house

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Twitter/@madonna_stalker
Robert Linhart - the crazed-up Madonna fan who camped outside her apartment in New York City and had to be forcefully made to leave - is claiming that he was roughed up by the NYPD officers during his arrest. Linhart is now aiming to sue the city for a whopping $3 million - a price he has now cut down from his initial quote of $5 million.

As Linhart gears to go on trial against NYC, with Jury selection scheduled for today, he is tempting the jury with the offer to donate $1 million off of his claimed amount for hurricane relief.

Back in 2010, Linhart was accused of stalking the Pop superstar and was later convicted of resisting arrest for camping outside her house.

Linhart, who's a retired firefighter, and his attorney, Peter Gleason - are almost certain the prosecutors will be offering them a settlement sum. 

He has previously also been charged with graffiti, for etching and drawing messages for the songstress outside her apartment building, and was eventually put on a 3 year probation with an order to pursue anger-management therapies.

Would be quite a win for him if he rakes in anything out of this at all - although it seems highly unlikely.


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