Did you miss Ellen DeGeneres on Taylor Swift's new music video? Yep. She was there!

Ellen DeGeneres took a bath with Taylor Swift in a sequence from the music video for her chart-topping smash hit, 'Look What You Made Me Do.' But Taylor decided to cut Ellen's part out of the original recording, apparently because she felt too 'threatened' by her presence.

Alright, you probably know we're kidding, by now. But don't you just love Ellen and her "I was there" spoofs on famous visuals?

DeGeneres did it again, with TayTay's latest Billboard #1 single as she hilariously made an appearance on the "original" version of the "unreleased" video.

"I think it was good, but I was in the original because I'm part of her squad," Ellen said on Friday's episode of her show. "Apparently, she cut me out. She's threatened by me sometimes."

Here is "Look What You Made Me Do" featuring Ellen:

Even better than the original!


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