"It still hurts": Dionne Warwick offended by question on Whitney Houston. Receives apology

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Singing legend Dionne Warwick recently made an appearance on Good Morning Britain to discuss about her performance in aid of the Dot Com Children's foundation.

But when the co-host of the show, Susanna Ried attempted to drive the discussion to Warwick's late cousin, Whitney Houston - the singer immediately took offense and accused the host of trying to hurt her by asking a personal question.

Susanna made a reference to the new documentary by Nick Broomfield, which recently became a subject of several gossips for its scandalous portrayal of the late icon's life. But before she could prompt Dionne with a question, the 'Walk On By' singer immediately stopped her on the spot.

"Oh yeah, we're not going to discuss that," Dionne interjected Susanna. "OK that's a bygone conclusion, so we're not discussing that."

When the host tried to explain that she mentioned her late cousin because of the recent documentary, Dionne again reminded her that its a personal question and it still hurts.

"First of all it's a very personal thing and why would you guys even want to continue to hurt me?" she said. "Because that does hurt so let's just leave it there."

Realizing that the subject was way too sensitive for the songstress, Susanna immediately apologized. "I'm sorry that that hurts and I totally respect you. You're absolutely right."

Ben Shephard, Susanna's co-host from the show also chimed-in : "That wasn't our intention Dionne so apologies for that."

Watch the interview below:


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