Lady Gaga announces she's taking a break from music

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Despite a recent revelation about working on her next studio project, pop superstar Lady Gaga just announced that she will be taking a break from music as of now.

Gaga's shocking declaration sent her little 'monsters' in a frenzy as she candidly spoke about her plans with the audience while at Toronto’s Princess of Wales Theatre, where the Grammy award winner belted out some of her biggest hits and also spoke on her upcoming Netflix documentary, 'Gaga:  Five Foot Two.'

Gaga said that she was planning to take some rest from music in order to “slow down for a moment for some healing.”

The 'Million Reasons' singer has been suffering from some health issues and was seen fighting tears while speaking to reporters on the subject. “It’s hard,” she said, “but it’s liberating too.”

The multi-talented performer did state that she might create something in-between her break, hinting at finishing up the projects she may have already undertaken. “It doesn’t mean I don’t have some things up my sleeve,” she said.

Here's more on what she said on the subject:

“When this tour is over I will take a little downtime from myself, and then I’ll get back to doing what I love. I’m never not making music. I’m never not creating. I just am excited to spend some time reflecting on that past ten years and getting excited about what I want to create next.”

Let us hope the break doesn't extend to several years - coz we desperately want more Gaga music. 


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