Miami streets turned to rivers as Hurricane Irma turns violent across Florida

Source: Screengrab of videos shared on Twitter
Miami is beyond recognition right now!

The city has been so severely flooded as Hurricane Irma strikes with full force, that its streets have turned into river streams.

The shocking videos surfacing online, show the extent of the disaster as the massively powerful storm buries stores, houses and street shops in water.

The following video, for example, shows store-owners looking out the gates as the water level slowly rises way beyond the height of the floor.

Another video shows a torn down cranes at the top of the high-rise in DT - which still appears to be hanging at the very edge of the building.

Moving north-northwest, with a sustained winds of 60 mph, the storm is ripping of structures and trees. In Miami, the wind surge was recorded at 99 mph, as large trees were seen falling down across the city.

At least 7 people are feared dead in the US, as the storm now takes over Charleston and sweeps the streets of Jacksonville, leading to a record increase in the level of rivers.

The storm is expected to take over the rest of Florida through Sunday. 

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