"My album is different than Beyonce's 'Lemonade', but she was the inspiration": Fergie on "Double Dutchess"

"Double Dutchess" - Fergie's second studio LP has been in the news for its stunning music videos, which are largely reminiscent of Beyonce's 2016 released critically acclaimed visual masterpiece, "Lemonade."

The Black Eyed Peas singer's latest studio offering, is also a visually extravagant treat, much like Beyonce 2016-released LP boasting of a music video for each track from the album.

As this new era of 'visual experience' commenced for the 42 year old singer, the comparisons were inevitable to be drawn. However, Fergie is clear that although, Beyonce is a constant artistic inspiration for her, 'Double Dutchess' has no similarities with 'Lemonade.'

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the 'My Humps' singer said, “[Double Dutchess] is completely different than Beyonce’s [Lemonade], but absolutely, she’s an inspiration to me in all areas. Performance, drive, balance — I mean, she is the Queen B, how can you not be inspired by her?”

Do you find any similarities between the two projects?

Watch her interview with ET below:


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