New Michael Jackson album announced by his estate. Check out full tracklist here.

Michael Jackon's estate just confirmed the release of the late megastar's new compilation album, featuring some of his biggest dance-hits to date.

Entitled, 'Scream', the new set will feature some of MJ's biggest classics like - 'Dirty Diana', 'Thriller', 'Dangerous', 'Ghosts' and more.

Apart from the compilation of previously heard songs, the estate has also put together a special-bonus five song mashup - which is being hailed by them as 'new' material on the upcoming LP.

"Michael Jackson ‘SCREAM’ is a collection of 13 of Michael’s all-time most electrifying and danceable tracks, plus the brand-new bonus track “Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up),"" the estate announced earlier on Wednesday.

Listen to the mash-up released officially on MJ's Vevo account:

Here is the complete track list for 'Scream':

1. This Place Hotel (a.k.a. Heartbreak Hotel) / The Jacksons
2. Thriller
3. Blood on the Dance Floor
4. Somebody’s Watching Me
5. Dirty Diana
6. Torture / The Jacksons
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Scream
9. Dangerous
10. Unbreakable
11. Xscape
12. Threatened
13. Ghosts
14. Blood on the Dance Floor x Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up)

The estate of the late pop icon has stated the album for a release on September 29.


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