WATCH: Xscape performs their 90s classics PLUS a SHADY interview by Wendy Williams

Leave it to Wendy Williams to invite one of the most popular girl-groups of the 90's on her show and then ask them their names while announcing it to the audience.

The shady interviewer pulled all the tough questions on her recent conversation with Xscape and left no stones unturned on topics related to the cause of their rifts and breakup, weight fluctuations, big behinds, Kandi's relationship status with Jermaine Dupri and the state of Tiny's marriage with her husband.

"Are you still married?," Williams quizzed Tiny, in her typical fashion, as the singer reaffirmed that she indeed was. However Tiny did state that they're figuring it out as they go along, which is when Wendy popped in with, 'Although the word on the curb is, you and Master P...' - which Tiny refuted by saying that they're just 'business partners.'

Watch the complete interview below:

There was shade on almost every question and statement.

But the highlight was actually, later on the show when the group consisting of Kandi, Tiny, Tamika, and LaTocha took the stage to perform a two song medley of their 90's classics and really took us there!

There is no doubt the group still has the chops for it, so the comeback has definitely been worth it!

Watch as the 90s hitmakers perform 'Understanding' and 'You're My Little Secret':


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