"We had a trainer who taught us to please R Kelly sexually": R Kelly accuser on The Real

Jerhonda Pace - one of many young women, who're accusing RnB star R. Kelly of keeping them 'hostage' inside his house and being trained to provide him sexual pleasure in the most outlandish ways, made her first appearance on The Real to talk about her experience.

As reported a couple of months ago, the RnB singer has been accused of keeping young women hostage against their own will in the singer's rented houses in Atlanta, inside which they're asked to perform various sexual practices with Kelly.

Pace, who was 16 at the time of her alleged 'recruit' into Kelly's inner-circle, spoke on how she actually got introduced with the deal.

The accuser revealed, she was invited to Kelly's tour bus, where he was already naked, sitting with the woman who was the alleged "trainer" of all the sexual practices, and asked Pace to remove all her clothes in order to learn from her - after which, Pace claims she started "doing things."

Watch her interview below:

Pace also revealed how she had to make up a lie in order to make an 'escape' from the singer's house:

As we previously reported:

R Kelly "recruited" 6 women to reside on his properties - after which he was to be in-charge and in-control of everything they do in their lives, which includes things like - what they eat, what they wear, when they sleep and the manners in which they are to engage with him, sexually.


The female inmates are referred as 'babies' while they are to call him 'daddy.' Additionally, a failure to fulfill the rules, regulations and demands set by Kelly may lead to physical or verbal "punishments."

The singer has obviously denied all such claims.

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