"Whitney was not from the hood": Clive Davis slams unauthorized Whitney documentary, 'Can I Be Me'

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Legendary music producer Clive Davis is in full swing to promote his upcoming documentary, 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' - featuring a detailed depiction of all major artist the music mogul has worked with over the years.

As Davis, was quizzed about the details of his much-anticipated doc, he also took the time to lash out at the recently released unauthorized documentary on Whitney Houston, 'Can I Be Me?'

Houston, who was the top billed artist in Davis' label, during his illustrious career, has always been front and center on all monologues of his own professional life, as being her greatest 'discovery' - so it was inevitable the record producer was going to have an opinion about the Nick Broomfield directed scandalous documentary, which has been in the news for a while.

Broomfield's 'Can I Be Me' - revolves around claims of her alleged romantic affair with friend and former manager, Robyn Crawford, and the allegation of her being forced to carry a 'polished' image to appeal to the mainstream.

Addressing the very subject, Davis stressed that Whitney was who she was and very much in control of who she wanted to be.

“No one thought Whitney was not being Whitney. She was an artist like no other before with no blinders,” he said. “So I think that that whole [film], with all due respect, is inaccurate.”

'Can I Be Me?' also revolves around the filmmaker's imagined-notion, that Whitney was more "street-wise" but was not allowed to be herself as a Pop star. Clive, but obviously, dismissed the notion with the following:

"This was no girl from the hood. She was from an urban African American neighborhood, but she was a fashion model at 16 and was very much in that world, and she always was in control"

Davis then spoke on his upcoming documentary, which will feature appearances from artists like Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow, Dionne Warwick among several others, and expressed how people can expect a better glimpse of the real Whitney on a portion of his doc.

“For the first time you see a picture of her as an artist, as one of the greatest female singers in history, and yet you also see her downfall graphically exposed," Davis said.

Based on the memoir released by Davis back in 2013, 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' is directed by Chris Perkel and is soon expected to have a grand premier of its first trailer.

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