Bobbi Kristina biopic will feature a scene reenacting Whitney Houston's death

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Vivica A. Fox got almost choked-up, as she spoke on her late friend, Whitney Houston during a conversation on Page Six TV.

The 53 year old actress who's playing the role of Houston's estate manager and sister-in-law, Pat Houston in the upcoming 'TV One' biopic on Bobbi Kristina, recollected what it was like experiencing some private and intimate moments from the late songstress' life, during the shooting of the film.

Fox also hinted at the inclusion of one particular incident, reenacting which struck her the hardest -- the very moment when Houston passed away back in 2012.

“There was one scene that I’ll never forget," the actress told the show's host. "..and I’m sorry if I’m getting emotional -- where Demetria McKinney, who played Whitney, she did such an amazing job, and there was a scene where we had to relive, basically, her leaving us,” .

“I did go to her funeral and everything so to tap into the emotions for this movie was easy for me because I loved her and we had such a huge amount of respect for her and that’s what we want to let everyone know,” Fox further added.

As 'triggering' and startling as that topic may be for people, Fox insisted that they have tried to create the project with utmost love and respect, with the mere intention to tell Bobbi Kristina's short-lived story.

Watch her interview with Page Six below:


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