Celine Dion moved to tears at her Las Vegas show post mass shooting

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Celine Dion took the stage at Las Vegas to perform at her scheduled concert - taking place only two days after the mass shootout at a music festival in the city, which claimed the lives of nearly 59 people, injuring over 500.

The 49 year old Canadian songstress, fought back tears as she remembered the victims of one of the biggest mass shootings in modern U.S. history offering her condolences and words of comfort.

The Grammy winning diva admitted to her audience that it was a difficult decision for her to carry on with the show, so soon after the tragic incident in the desert city, announcing how she plan on providing assistance to the families of the ones affected by the attack.

"I hope that you're doing OK," Dion addressed her audience. "Before we start the show, I need to talk to your for a moment..I never start the show like this but tonight is very different."

She continued:“On Sunday we lost too many beautiful, innocent souls and many are still suffering, but tonight we’re going to let those families know that we… are supporting them and we will help them through their tragic loss,” 

The 'Think Twice' singer then announced that she would be donating the proceeds of the concert directly to the families of the victims, as the crowd cheered her generous decision with an applause.

Watch her monologue before the show below:


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