"Radios don't play girls over 35, unless you're Beyonce": Pink talks ageism, lip-syncing and more

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Pink is known to be the kind of artist who's never been afraid to speak her mind on the most controversial of subjects.

The Pop superstar recently sat down for an interview with the New York Times, in which she touched on topics related to ageism, Dr. Luke-Kesha sexual assault case and artists who "lip-sync" and get away with it.

The 38 year old performer, who's at full swing to promote her upcoming seventh studio LP, 'Beautiful Trauma', spoke on the subject of struggles faced by ageing female pop stars stating how difficult it is to get on radio if you're nearing middle-age.

"I had the whole sit-down, you know," she said, "‘Just be prepared, they don’t play girls over 35 on Top 40 radio. There are exceptions, but they’re songs, not artists — unless you’re BeyoncĂ©."

Addressing criticism related to repetition of the aerobic routines on her live shows, Pink pointed out how what matters is that she still sings LIVE, unlike many others.

“How many times do you see the same artist get up and lip-sync and dance?” she countered. “And you’re mad at me for doing something none of them can do? And I sing live!”

Well, there's no doubt about the fact that Pink can still sing her behind off and her latest single 'What About Us' is already off to a great start on the Pop charts, further establishing her longevity in the mainstream, with or without radio-play.

Do you agree with Pink's take on gender-based ageism in Pop culture?

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Read her full interview with NYT here.

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