Whitney Houston's estate to make a new project announcement on ET today

Wikimedia Commons
Whitney Houston's estate finally released an official declaration about their much awaited announcement on the highly anticipated upcoming project.

Taking to Instagram and Facebook, Houston's estate - led by her sister-in-law Pat Houston, has revealed that they would be finally making an announcement on today's episode of Entertainment Tonight.

Although, it wasn't revealed what the 'announcement' might entail, it is being speculated by several fans that it could have something to do with the special edition release of The Bodyguard soundtrack, since 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic album which shattered chart records back in 1992.

It is also possible, the estate may announce a second installment of the Live album, following the massive critical acclaim of Houston's first live compilation released in 2014.

The third possibility could be a gospel album - something which Pat Houston had discussed during the promotion of the icon's 2014 compilation LP.

Whatever the case may be, we hope there are some rarities and we certainly cannot wait any longer for it.

Tune into Entertainment Tonight to find out!


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