Drake stops performance in the middle to call out harasser: ‘If You Don’t Stop Touching Girls, I’ma F*ck You Up!’

Wikimedia Commons
Drake set an example of how to stand up against unwanted sexual advances and call out perverts when something like that happens in front of you.

The Grammy winning rapper was performing at an afterparty of his show in Sydney this Tuesday when he saw a man groping and inappropriately touching several women in the audience, following which the rapper immediately stopped the music to call him out.

"If you don’t stop touching girls, I’ma f*ck you up!," Drake exclaimed pointing his finger at the man in the audience, as the crowd cheered.

Watch the moment captured by someone in the crowd below:

It is unclear what happened after the incident or if the man was escorted off the event - but wouldn't it be amazing if everyone who sees unwanted groping in public takes a stand like this?

Way to go, Drake!

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