The most hilarious Twitter reactions to Wendy Williams fainting on Live TV

Source: Wikimedia commons/Twitter
Talk show host Wendy Williams' wobbly fall on the floor during a live telecast of her show seemed like a serious health issue.

As her eyes widened and speech slurred in the middle of sentence, the 53 year old tilted back and took a scary tumble straight down the floor. As her crew rushed for help and the show cut to an immediate commercial, even the people who're not fond of her shady-ways - crossed their fingers hoping she was okay.

Not everyone was that nerved, though.

Knowing how almost everything that walks or breathes in the public domain has the potential of being turned into a meme - Wendy's dramatic fall on Live TV, in no way, could escape the eyes of the trolls.

Before we unveil some of the best tweets  that made us shamelessly laugh at the whole thing, relive the moment below:

Now check out some of these sass-filled savage Twitter reactions:

Oh, we do really hope Wendy is doing all okay there - but some of these reactions were pretty hilarious!!

See you in hell. 

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