Watch: Pink and Kelly Clarkson's pitch-perfect soulful duet from the 2017 AMAs

We've always pointed out how Pink and Kelly Clarkson's tone hold an uncanny resemblance. 

The ringing belts and soaring notes of the two pop stars beautifully merged during last night's American Music Awards, as they took the stage to deliver an absolutely flawless rendition of R.E.M.'s iconic classic, 'Everybody Hurts.'

Interestingly, the performance came to fruition only a few days after the former American Idol winner spoke on her deep desire to collab with the 'What About Us' songstress.

Serving as the opening performance for this year's show, Clarkson and Pink's duet was a tribute to people who have suffered from various natural disasters and tragedies in 2017.

Watch the stunning performance below:

During the rehearsals for their astounding duet, both Kelly and Pink took to twitter to shower praise at each other. While Kelly went all 'fan-girl' on Pink, speaking on how she'd frame the picture of the two of them rehearsing for the show, Pink showed back some love for Clarkson's exquisite vocal abilities. 

"This woman has a direct line to outer space with that voice. I feel lucky to stand next to her when she sings. Tonight will be an honor for me," the 'True Love' singer wrote.

AND... it was an honor for us to witness the two of these pour their emotions out on stage and harmonize and blend their beautiful resonant voices together, like they were always meant to be.

What a performance!

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